Guide to Online Slot Lists Via the WhatsApp Application

Guide to Register Slots Online Via the WhatsApp Application! Slot sites are now available in the virtual universe and there are very many of them. You are free to choose which slot site you will follow. Even so, you still have to be careful when choosing a slot site online. Because sometimes some sites just brag and claim that they are trusted, even though in reality it’s not like that.

In playing online slots, these slot gambling agents provide many new innovations that make players feel easy. Both in terms of the game, and in terms of how to register. No doubt, because the more easy it is, the more people who are interested in joining slot gambling sites. One of the innovations in this game is how to register on the site that can be through the chat application, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp or commonly abbreviated as WA is a messaging application that is very popular and has been used by millions of people. The app has been booming for a long time and now, you can register online gambling slots through WA. The method is very easy and not complicated. What’s more is very fast. The following is a list of online slots via WA:

  • Call the Slot Agent Number Online

When you find a trusted online betting site, there is already a live chat and WhatsApp number to contact. You can immediately call the number and send a message about your desire to join the slot gambling site that you are aiming for. Wait a few minutes to get a reply from the agent.

If in a long period of time there is no reply, then you should be able to leave the slot agent and switch to another agent. Because it’s useless to join a slow response slot agent. You will have difficulty when running the game and experience obstacles. The agent may be slow in processing your complaint.

  • Doing a Brief Personal Data Filling
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Online slot agents who reply quickly to your messages, will immediately provide a short form that you must fill in with your personal data. For example, name, email, cellphone number, age and so on. It is important that you fill in the data correctly so that the agent can immediately create an ID that is used to login. This data serves to distinguish between you and other players.

  • Wait for Confirmation Then Make a Deposit

After sending the data yourself, the slot agent will send information about the ID and password that you must use to login. No need to worry, because later you can change this password again so no one will know it. The agent will also send an active account number so you can immediately make a deposit to play.

Immediately make a deposit with the capital you have. The nominal amount of this deposit also varies and varies per slot online gambling site. There are at least 50,000, 25,000 and even 100,000. If you have paid a deposit, confirm it again through WA to the slot gambling agent to immediately check it. If the agent says you can play, then that is a sign that the deposit has been entered and you can use.

Maybe that’s all that can be discussed regarding the slot gambling registration guide that can be done via WA. Hopefully this article can help and provide insight for you.