February 2020


Variety of Payment Methods on Slot Gambling Sites

Greenslotsspot – Variety of Payment Methods on Slot Gambling Sites! The existence of gambling sites is intended to benefit its users in playing online betting. One gamble that you can play is a type of slot game that is very well known until this era. No wonder you will find tons of slot sites scattered on Google. Not that much before, but indeed along with the times, more and more are also interested in the game.

Because the purpose of having an online betting site is to make it easier for its members, that’s the reality. This convenience is realized in the form of transactions or payment methods in the case of deposits on the slot site. There are various deposit payment methods that you can choose from. Because of the many variations, so many are starting to glance at this game. Following are some of the payment methods on slot gambling sites.

Via OVO Application

OVO is a popular payment application and is also widely used by the people of Indonesia. Therefore this is used by slot gambling agents to make it easy for members to make deposit payments. You only need to send your cash OVO balance to the OVO number that has been provided by the agent.

In certain cases, for example you use a bank that is not the same as the one owned by the agent, and you do not have an OVO number, then you can top up the OVO number of the agent. The method is quite easy. Can be through internet banking, mobile banking, and ATMs in your area. You can see this top up guide on the internet.

Via the Go-Pay Application

To be able to make a deposit via Go-Pay, you must download the application first. If you have already registered and upgraded, then you can transfer balances through this application to the slot gambling agent that you follow. Don’t forget to confirm if you have already transferred the balance.

Via Pulses

Well, there are also various payment methods on slot gambling sites via credit. So for fans of slot gambling games that do not have bank accounts, so for the time being you can try this way. But still consider having an account immediately if you don’t already have one. Because a personal account is important and very obligatory for you to have.

Because, in addition to the account can be used for deposits, so you do not need to use credit anymore, the account also serves to receive the results of the winnings from bets that you make. The trick is to withdraw the balance that has accumulated in your slot gambling account and then transferred to the personal account that has been created.

The various payment methods above are the easiest aside from internet banking and mobile banking. So, you can choose whichever you want. Also, make sure that you really have a personal account and don’t borrow from anyone. Whether it’s from family or neighbors. Because, this game is confidential and must not be known by others.

OVO, Go-Pay and credit are indeed easy payment methods because so many use both of these payment applications and everyone also needs credit. Usually the credit itself will be used to buy internet data packages. However, not all slot gambling sites provide deposit convenience via credit. Only a handful can do it. Hopefully this article can be useful.

This is the Best Slots Games You Should Try

These Are the Best Slots Games You Should Try! Times have evolved so nicely, not even in slot games. There are many sites that offer this slots game. But not infrequently we feel anxious and uncomfortable. The reason is not because of anything, but sometimes they are just fake sites. There are many promises that they offer without proof.

The fake website itself always wants to get a big profit without paying attention to the fate of the members. Especially for those of you who are in school want to play slots but there are no funds. Well, if you just want to, now you have developed a slots games application that is no less interesting. It’s just that this application is just for entertainment, not to get real money. If you are a beginner, maybe you can play the game to hone your skills.

As we know, slots games are the easiest games in the casino. This also causes many people to love it and try to play it. This game is different from other gambling games because this game does not require a grandiose strategy. The following is the recommendation of the best slots games for your Android as entertainment not to get real money:

  • 777 Slots Free Casino

777 Slots Free Casino itself is one of the very popular slots games. Luckily this one game is already available on Google Play! Equipped with various interesting features that have been coveted by slot players. Exciting features that you will get such as various high-quality free themes, daily bonuses, tournaments and much more. Now the advantage is again the game you can download for free, as well as to play it.

  • Caesar Slots

Now for the application of slots games this one is no less interesting you know! Evidenced by the number of users who have downloaded it, more than 10 million users have downloaded it. Uniquely, there are 100 free rounds available for new users as well as free bonus coins that can be played. In addition, this game has many themes that are used as levels. So each level move you will enjoy a different theme.

  • Lucky City

If you want to play slot games with a real look, Lucky City is ready to submit the application foremost. This game offers more than 100 3D slot machines for you to play comfortably. To open other slot machines you need to finish playing on one slot machine first. Well quite interesting huh, besides that this game also provides a free coin bonus even every hour. To win additional coins you can complete daily or weekly challenges.

  • Pharaoh’s Way Slots

This slots game is quite interesting you know! The reason is, this game has also been downloaded more than 10 million users. Slots Pharaoh’s Way also offers users to play slot machines using 3 or 5 reels. Well, unfortunately this game doesn’t provide cloud storage. So you have to repeat from the initial level when playing games on different mobile phones.

As we know, the slots games themselves have always improved. Both from the way the media play to how to play. How, interested in participating in honing skills with this one slots game application? Good luck and hope this article is useful!